Career Planning
and Development

Starting out or already working, and want to develop your career further or looking to change path?

Career Navigator is a job-centric service providing a fast, accurate and cost-effective way to identify your career-related strengths, career options and areas for developing your career.

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Gone are the days when the Careers Service offered just CV, interview techniques and job search advice.

Today, the whole institution is responsible for Student Employability with faculties increasingly taking responsibility for sector-specific career development initiatives with employers.

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Graduate Recruiters
- Missing Out?

Young people are becoming more choosy about their prospective employer.

When recruiting millennials they want to see opportunities for themselves to progress and develop - while making a difference to society.

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Staff Mobility

Every organisation invests in a talent pool that needs to be strategically managed and developed.

Current employees, as well as new hires, want to see how they can develop their careers and grow as individuals as part of your Talent Management Lifecycle.

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